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The INSPIRE Office of Flexible Learning offers 8 unique, interdisciplinary INSPIRE courses in collaboration with campus and community partners. Courses are uniquely scheduled to allow for curriculum flexibility; involve engaging instructors who teach in novel and innovative ways; and offer interdisciplinary opportunities to work in small groups and with peers across campus.

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INSPIRE 1A03 Learn More

Multidisciplinary Experiential Learning Opportunities

INSPIRE 1PL3 Learn More

Personal Leadership through University Transition

INSPIRE 3AR3 Learn More

Exploring Leadership in Athletics and Recreation

INSPIRE 3AS3 Learn More

Language and Communication in Autism Spectrum Disorder

INSPIRE 3EL3 Learn More

Experiential Learning Opportunities

INSPIRE 3II3 Learn More

Multidisciplinary Inquiry

INSPIRE 3MP3 Learn More

A World of Big Questions and Multiple Perspectives

INSPIRE 3WW3 Learn More

Exploring Leadership in University Orientation


Africa and Black Diaspora courses (ABLD) provide students with an in-depth understanding of African and African/Black-diaspora peoples and societies around the world. These courses foster critical thinking skills, collaborative work while engaging in Black histories and cultures from interdisciplinary perspectives. They are also featured on the Interdisciplinary Minor in Africa and Black Diaspora Studies.

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ABLD 2AE3 Learn More

Introduction to Afro-Environmentalism

ABLD 3BA3 Learn More

Topics in Black, African and African Diaspora Studies

ABLD 3CD3 Learn More

Topics in the Black Caribbean and its Diasporas

ABLD 4BH3 Learn More

Critical Issues in Black Communities and Health


Latin American and Latinx Studies (LATAM) introduces students to various perspectives and topics to begin understanding Latin America and its peoples within its totality and complexity. This course of study centers the multivalent experiences of Latin American people in Latin America and Latinx peoples within the context of the diaspora in Canada. These courses are featured on the Interdisciplinary Minor in Latin American and Latinx Studies. 

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LATAM 2A03 Learn More

Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies

LATAM 3A03 Learn More

Critical Contemporary Issues in Latin American and Latinx Studies