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Interdisciplinary Minors

Interdisciplinary Minors

An Interdisciplinary Minor spans across several academic disciplines to broaden your perspective on the topic.

Students interested in pursuing an Interdisciplinary Minor are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor from their home Faculty to verify eligibility and for assistance in course selection and planning.


A Minor is a distinction that a student can receive on their transcript upon graduation. It is not a degree. You are required to take 24 units from a specific Course List. You can take a Minor that is completely unrelated to your Major – that’s the point! Minors are an opportunity to show you have interests that are outside your main area of study.

Benefits of pursuing an Interdisciplinary Minor include diversifying your academic journey, gaining transferable skills, collaborating with community partners, gaining a global perspective, and sharpening critical thinking.


You can start your minor by enrolling in a class that is on the Course List for the Minor(s) you are looking to pursue. See the section below for more details. 

Depending on your program requirements, you may be able to use your elective units towards the completion and declaration of a Minor.

Did you know that there are several courses that can count towards more than 1 Minor? 

* This image is an example of courses, with minimal prerequisites, that are open to students Level I and above, which can be used towards the completion of several Minor requirements.

There is no guarantee that a student will be able to automatically enrol in a course from a Minor Course List that is full. Students should plan in advance, always connecting with their home Faculty or academic advisor to determine the best plan.

One of the benefits of completing an Interdisciplinary Minor is that there are over a dozen eligible course options on each of the Course Lists. So, if one course is full, you have the option to choose from a variety of others that can be applied towards the completion of your Minor.

Refer to the Academic Calendar for more details on Course Lists.


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